John Q (2002): Questioning Denise


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The clip Questioning Denise from John Q (2002)

Could we have a word with you, please?
This is all my fault.
When the hospital told me they were releasing Mikey,
I called John and yelled at him, told him to do something, anything.
But I never thought...
I understand. Is he a violent man, Mrs Archibald?
No! He's sweet and gentle. He wouldn't hurt a fly.
That's not what he's saying. He's talking about killing people.
I may be fishing, but has he spent time in the military or anything like that?
What is this?
I see what's going on here.
You're trying to get me to say something you can use against my husband.
He's in a lot of trouble. We're going to need you to talk to him.
Let's get something straight, mister.
You cannot use me to build a case against my husband.
I support him in everything he does. I'm on his side, not yours.
And you don't talk to me!
I would tell you what I think of you but I'm a Christian woman.
Now you two leave me alone. I have a sick child to look after.

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