John Q (2002): Mike's Bad Condition


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The clip Mike's bad condition from John Q (2002)

I'm just...
That's great, baby. How's Mikey doing?
Not too good. I think he's going away.
They've done everything they can for him, but he keeps getting worse and worse.
Oh, God.
Our poor baby.
Are you praying for him, John? Are you praying for our baby?
Yes, sweetheart. You know I am.
Checkmate. This is the White Rook. Copy.
I copy, White Rook.
It's going to be all right, sweetheart. Listen to me.
He's going to make it.
I swear on my life, he's going to make it. You understand me?
You just got to believe me, you understand?
I believe.
Is he awake? Is Mikey awake? Can I talk to him?
Hold on.
Oh, my God.
We got it! Boss! The video's online.
You are a genius.
I got to get the monitor.
What are you doing standing around? Move your ass! This is it!
Thank you. Freddy, I swear to God...
Nigel, you're moving like lava. Hustle.
How's my hair? Never mind. Let's get this.
And three, two, one.
This is Tuck Lampley, live at Hope Memorial Hospital, bringing you exclusive coverage between a father and his son he's fighting most desperately to save.

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