John Q (2002): Sending Mike Home


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The clip Sending Mike home from John Q (2002)

You're the only patient I have who eats the food in this place.
Doc, let me ask you something. How long before I'm able to play tennis?
You couldn't play before you had a new heart. Take up knitting.
I play tennis.
We don't care.
Would you please get back to work? Thank you.
Heidi, make an appointment for us to have dinner next week.
I'm going to cook.
No, and you're not wearing lingerie around him the next month.
You're not in his will. He told me. Don't push your luck.
I gave the hospital $6,000 yesterday.
Can I talk to you?
Yes, sure.
Take care of him.
Take care. Thank you.
My wife Denise says you're going to send Michael home. Is that true?
I'm a physician. I don't make policy decisions.
That's handled by the board of trustees.
You're the head of cardiac surgery.
You make a recommendation, they're going to listen, aren't they?
I make recommendations all the time. The final decision rests with the board.
That's it? Send him home.
I'm afraid so.

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