John Q (2002): Lt. Grimes's Instructions


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The clip Lt. Grimes's instructions from John Q (2002)

You've got to stand behind the line, sir.
Move this out of here for me, please? Thank you very much.
Lieutenant, we got a real problem here.
What's that?
This guy's in for the long haul... locked down the E.R., barricaded himself in, killed power in the elevators.
We can bust down the door, but this son of a bitch might start killing people.
There's two pinpoint cameras hidden in the E.R.
The hospital's own surveillance.
We got a video tap being set up.
Are you in charge of security?
No, that would be Wally Pitoniak.
He's at home. It's his day off.
Not anymore, it ain't. Get him here.
All right, can you get me a secure line?
We've got one of our guys inside. He's got a walkie-talkie.
You might want to try this.
Put a clamp on all phone lines to the emergency room.
If this guy picks up the phone, I want him talking to me.
Who's in charge here?
Rebecca Payne, sir. It's her day off, too.
Jesus Christ, does anybody work at this hospital?
It's Saturday, sir.
So what?
People get sick on Saturday, don't they?

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