John Q (2002): Insurance Coverage


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The clip Insurance Coverage from John Q (2002)

Your policy has changed, Mr Archibald.
Changed to what?
We've recently switched carriers from a PPO to an HMO.
It's a less expensive policy. Unfortunately, there are some restrictions.
What kind of restrictions?
Here's how it works.
Non-management part-time employees such as yourself only qualify for second-tier catastrophic coverage.
I'm not part time, I'm full time. It's just slow right now.
Sure, but your coverage is based on hours worked.
Like I said, you only qualify for second tier.
That has a maximum payout limit of $20,000.
You have been taking money out of my cheque every week.
I've been paying into this policy for years.
That's why we're going to cover you for the full $20,000.
You're kidding me, right? Come on.
You have dropped me from full time to part time. You switched carriers.
Now you're telling me I'm not fully covered even though I got a policy that says I am?
It doesn't seem right, does it?
No, it doesn't. My son is very sick.
If I'm not covered, I got a serious problem.
I understand that, but there's nothing I can do.
You can file an appeal.
Here you go. That takes about seven working days.

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