John Q (2002): Insurance Problems


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The clip Insurance problems from John Q (2002)

If he was your son, what would you do?
I'd do the transplant, absolutely.
Okay. Okay?
Let's do that. Let's do it.
First we've got to get Mike's name on the organ recipient list.
He's B-positive, so his name should go right to the top.
It's not so simple.
There are other considerations before a recipient can be placed on a donor list.
Transplant surgery is very expensive. In most cases, prohibitively so.
We got insurance, major medical. He's covered.
We've already checked with your carrier, Mr Archibald.
There are no provisions in your policy for a procedure of this magnitude.
That's a mistake. Not that you're making a mistake.
I'm just saying that I'm insured. My son's covered.
Mrs Archibald, do you have coverage?
No. I've only been working at the supermarket a couple months.
You don't get benefits until...
Doesn't matter. We got insurance.

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