John Q (2002): John's Job Interview


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The clip John's job interview from John Q (2002)

Fifty cents! This is a frigging waste of time.
Four hundred people for one job? Give me a break.
Guaranteed somebody's son, cousin, uncle already got this job sewn up.
Why did they put it in the paper if they're not hiring?
It's a frigging run-around. Mark my words.
It's either, "We'll keep your application on file" or, "You're overqualified."
Either way, they screw you.
I've been working heavy machinery for 15 years.
I really want the job. Anything you want, I can do.
I see.
I can start today if you need.
Your r?sum? is very impressive. You've certainly got the experience.
Frankly, you may be overqualified.
We'll keep your application on file.
?? Jesus loves me, this I know ??

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