John Q (2002): John Wants His Son


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The clip John wants his son from John Q (2002)

I am not going to bury my son!
My son is going to bury me.
You think these people give a shit about you? They don't.
You're just the cause of the moment. Nobody cares. That's the real truth.
Nobody cares. Only you.
And it's only you and me out here and all these guns pointed at you.
What do you want to do? It's your call.
I want my son.
I want my son inside with me.
Can't do it, John!
You give me my boy, I give you your sniper.
It's all over.
You bring my son,
I give up everybody goes home.
Everybody's safe.
You bring me my son.
Come on.
All right.
What do you think, Frank?
Give it to him. He's not going to hurt anybody with his boy in there.
The object is to get hostages out, not bring them in.
It's not a hostage. It's his son.
Have all these people been on the news?
It's your call, Frank.
All right, give it to him.

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