BloodRayne (2005): Looking for Brimstone Society


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The clip looking for brimstone society from BloodRayne (2005) with Billy Zane, Will Sanderson

Good evening, Viscount. Kagan sends his regards.
I assume you were expecting this message from Brimstone from Katarin?
Would you stop throwing things at me?
You know, Elrick, Kagan has little patience for ambitious vampires...
especially those that were once Brimstone.
Can a vampire not receive word from his own daughter...
without being cast as a rebel in search of power?
Is that the plan?
Plans are for humans.
I think destiny is a more appropriate term.
Where is Brimstone? Tell me now, or suffer the consequences.
Even you must sense that change is upon us.
This land has become unsettled.
The future must be held in the hands of human-born...
and vampire-perfected.
That is an invitation, by the way.
Spare Katarin, unseat Kagan...
and join me in a, shall we say, more colorful reign.
Kagan's gratitude or Kagan's wrath.
Now, where's Brimstone?
You honestly expect me...
to betray my daughter?
You know, it's funny.
You never struck me as the paternal type.
Now, get me the map.
Give us our destiny.
We leave now, and that will be the end of it.
You should travel with Sebastian.
Is there something you want to speak about?
You should not travel with her.
She's a danger to you. Kagan is surely out looking for her.
You're an important part of the Brimstone Society.
Your work defending the fortress...

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