BloodRayne (2005): Rayne Captured by Brimstones


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The clip rayne captured by brimstones from BloodRayne (2005)

How can you be certain she'll be useful to us?
She has already been useful. She stopped Kagan from getting the Eye.
Yes, Vladimir, but-
I've been hunting vampires since before you were born...
and there was always one that I suspected, or hoped, existed.
We have to consider what she is, Vladimir.
If she was simply a vampire, crossing the water would kill her.
And there's also that...
which most vampires are not fond of having.
Where are you taking me?
You should be grateful you're still alive.
We helped each other. I do not need you anymore.
I should skin you and hang you on display.
Where's the Eye?
It has somehow become a part of her.
It has assimilated.
She must be brought to me alive.
Leave me. I'll send further instructions.
Does she have a name, the dhamphir?
I have heard she is called Rayne.
What is this place?
Welcome to the headquarters of the Brimstone Society.
All in good reason, I hope.
There was a messenger killed in the monastery.

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