The Chamber (1996): Taking the Case


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The clip taking the case from The Chamber (1996) with Robert Prosky, Chris O'Donnell

No, I'm very serious. I want the Cayhall case.
What do you know about the death penalty?
I've read everything there is.
Then you know nothing.
I know that you took Sam Cayhall pro bono,
and you've kept him alive all these years.
And I also know that he just won the right to fire you.
Would you mind telling me how you know that?
I made it my business.
And do you know the reason why he fired me?
He hates lawyers.
Then why in the world would he hire you?
Go back to your office. We both have better things to do.
Sam Cayhall is my grandfather.
We have a relationship with Williams and Cook in Jackson.
I could work out of that office.
I also know you have great contacts at Parchment Prison.
A word from you wouldn't hurt there either.
I take it Hall is not your real name, then.
My parents changed it from Cayhall after the murders.
Do you still have family down there?
I have an aunt in Jackson. I told her I might be down on business.
Does she know what this business is?
I'll tell her when I get there.
You Cayhalls are big on secrets.
Did you ever actually meet your grandfather?
Did they tell you he existed?
I found out at my father's funeral.
When was that?
Same year Sam was sentenced to die.
Yes, sir.
Your father must have been a very young man.
Thirty-five years, four months, six days.
Perhaps I shouldn't have asked.

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