The Chamber (1996): Failure


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The clip Failure from The Chamber (1996)

Hi. Thanks.
Truth time, Sam. Five days.
We're firing everything we have up to the Supreme Court, but...
I need to know who R.W. is.
Sam. I saw the Commission's files. You were with someone named R.W.
The two of you were assigned to bomb the Kramer office.
Assigned by the same people who took no responsibility for the death of those kids...
and, as far as I can see, are gonna take no responsibility for you.
l-I believe you call these people cowards.
Why in God's name you feel compelled to protect them is beyond me.
First of all,
you sniveling little son of a bitch,
if you ever speak to me like this again, I'll rip your heart out and shove it up your butt.
Second, if you spent half as much time learnin' to be a lawyer...
instead of playin' Dick Tracy,
I might stand a chance of not bein' dead in five days.
As it stands right now, everything you tried has failed.
You've failed!
Now I have to pay the price.
You're a failure! Just like your pathetic father was.
That son of a bitch didn't have the balls to live.
He was a loser and a quitter.
And he just gave his life away.
How dare he?
What right did he have to do that?

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