The Chamber (1996): Morning Routine


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The clip morning routine from The Chamber (1996)

I think I'm gonna die.
You wanted a birthday party.
What's that old expression?
Never mix bourbon with champagne?
Jews can't drink.
Honey, how 'bout I take the boys to school?
Bless you.
Where we goin'?
Daddy's office!
Who wants Daddy's briefcase?
Me, me, me!
Run to the car. Run to the car.
Run to the car. Oop. Watch yourself.
Bye, Mommy. I love you!
Say bye to Mommy. Bye, Mommy!
Bye. Be good boys.
Love you.
I love you too.
Okay. Let's go to work. Get in there.
Get in the car.
You get in that car.
Okay. Sit down, boys. Here we go.
Bye! See you when we come back today.

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