The Chamber (1996): Final Appeal


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The clip final appeal from The Chamber (1996)

Here are some synonyms for mitigating.
Glossing over, sugarcoating,
There's nothing pretty about twin boys being blown to bits.
There's no glossing over the suicide of their father.
And there's no sugarcoating this fact:
My client is guilty, and he deserves to be punished.
Mens rea: to do the thing.
Sam Cayhall did the thing.
But he does not deserve to be murdered,
because he was taught from birth that he had to do the thing.
That is what this court must come to understand.
He never knew he had any other recourse...
but hatred and bigotry and violence.
His uncles were Klansmen, his brothers, his father, even his grandfather.
His great-grandfather was one of the cofounding members of that hateful organization.
I recently saw a photograph of him a-at a lynching.
He was ten, and it was his third.
Of course this is awful. It... It's evil.
But blood and death were served with Sunday breakfast.
His father was murdered at a funeral. My client saw it.
As the court is no doubt aware, my client is also my grandfather.
I'd like now to tell you some warm and wonderful stories about our family.
Except I don't know any.
In fact, I don't find my grandfather even remotely wonderful.
But I know this.
The very things that make him so monstrous...
are the very reasons that mitigate against this state murdering him.
He was raised by his family and by this state...

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