The Chamber (1996): Opening the Files


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The clip opening the files from The Chamber (1996)

I ain't signin' nothin'.
The files are sealed by the state legislature; as a defendant on death row,
you and only you can apply to have your files opened.
You're set to die in 20 days. This might help.
Help him, maybe. Not me.
Help who?
The governor, you dumb ass. Can't you see it?
He can't open the files hisself, so he gets you to do it for him.
Why? To help me?
He put me here. Nah. He's just fishin' for what every politician wants:
dirt on their enemies.
What's in those files, Sam?
Nothin' for you. No, it's just stuff they'd use to twist around and hurt my people.
I'm your people.
Don't you get it? I am.
You ain't my real people. You ain't never met my real people.

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