The Chamber (1996): Case Disscusion at Bar


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The clip case disscusion at bar from The Chamber (1996) with Lela Rochon

'Cause you're in Mississippi now. Land of the secrets.
There are bodies buried everywhere.
But no one's trying to hide anything about Sam. They don't have to. He did it.
They just don't want you sifting through the ashes,
'cause they're not sure what else you might turn up.
Who is they?
No one. What difference does it make?
Well, maybe a lot. I mean, take you, for instance.
Are you really here to help me?
Or did they assign you to spy on me?
You ever heard of the Sovereignty Commission?
Well, it doesn't exist anymore.
They started it in the '50s. It was an official state agency dedicated to states' rights,
i.e., fighting civil rights.
Some people think it was actually coordinating all of the white citizens' councils.
What were those?
Every town had one.
A local group of respectable white people...
professional types, pillars of their community...
who told the Klan what to do.
So somebody like Sam wasn't even making decisions.
Like our F.B.I. friend said,
they were poor, uneducated bigots who couldn't find their butts with a map.
The citizens' councils used them to do their dirty work.
And the Sovereignty Commission?
They kept the records.
Sam, please sign this.

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