The Chamber (1996): Discussing Old Executions Part 2


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The clip discussing old executions Part 2 from The Chamber (1996)

he mixes up another batch of sulfuric acid and pulls the lever.
This time the sulfuric acid drops down where it's supposed to.
Pulls the second lever,
droppin' the cyanide pellets.
Sure enough, this gas starts driftin' upward...
to where old Teddy is holdin' his breath again.
So finally he sucks in a whole nose full of it...
and starts shakin' and jerkin'.
Well, somewhere or another there's a... a metal pole...
that runs from the top of the chamber down to the bottom,
and it's right directly behind the... the chair.
And just about the time Meeks got real still...
and everybody thought he was dead,
his head starts bangin' back and forth against that pole.
Just beatin' the hell out of it like that.
His eyes rolled up in his head, and his lips opened up real wide.
And he was foamin' at the mouth.
And there he was,
just bangin' the back of his head against that pole.
It was sick.
How long did it take them to kill him?
According to the prison doctor, death was instant and painless.
Packer told me it was the longest five minutes of his life.
The guy convulsed and heaved...
and pounded his skull for so long...
that pieces of his brain was flyin' out the top of his head.

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