American Gun (2005): Frank Watches over Janet


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The clip frank watches over janet from American Gun (2005)

Everyone's back in their houses now
except the guy down there watering his lawn.
Yeah, he's all right.
Jimmy just rolled up with another car.
Why don't the two of you get on out of here, okay?
The chief wants me to stick around and make sure that...
No, I got this covered.
You go home to your family, all right?
You sure?
Yeah. Go on.
All right. Thanks, Frank.
Okay. I'll see ya, Don.
'Night, Jimmy.
You want coffee or tea or something?
No, ma'am, I'm fine, thank you.
I didn't even know you guys were still here.
If you guys are here to...
There's nothing wrong with my other son David.
No, ma'am, I know. I was just...
There's nothing in this house that you... would interest you anymore.
I know.
I'm his mother. I would know.
Yes, ma'am. Uh... thank you.
I, um...
I understand.
I mean, you'd think I don't understand, but I get it, David gets it.
It makes sense, with the flags and the banners and...
people are...

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