American Gun (2005): Carter Tells Jay About His Job


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The clip carter tells jay about his job from American Gun (2005)

I'm sorry.
Okay, J.
What do you want to be when you grow up?
What kind of a question is that, man?
It's a good question, I think.
I want to be principal of a high school.
you know, that's a tough job.
You don't want to have a wife and a kid with a job like that.
You don't have any time, none at all,
'cause most of the time you're spending your time
talking to knuckleheads and hoodlums.
You have no time to talk to your wife and kid.
I came here from Ohio.
What's in Ohio, man?
Schools without kids carrying guns.
Yeah, right.
Oh, so you're here to save our streets, right? Be some kinda hero?
My wife, she had a great job, and my son, he was just born.
I had opportunity to make a difference.
Less pay, longer hours.
But there was a couple of thousand dum-dums that needed some help,
so I thought I'd give it a try.
Well, test scores are up.
You read the paper?
I read that part.
And you brought this gun to my school.
Yeah, but I leave it outside.
If you're doing a bad job, I'd...
You'd bring it inside?
Exactly. But I don't...
Because of the metal detectors?
That's right.
Smart move gettin' those installed.
I didn't do that.
Guy before me did that. Right before he left.
Can't take credit for that.
So why you still here?
Last year thirty-one kids went to college. Yeah before that it was twenty-six.

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