American Gun (2005): Carter Catches Jay Hiding a Gun


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The clip carter catches jay hiding a gun from American Gun (2005)

Hey, Tasha.
You're gonna go to all your classes today, right?
You stay right there.
Let's go.
Let's go.
Out of the way. Out of the way!
What are you thinking?
You weren't thinking at all, were you?!
Let's go.
Why you gonna bring a gun into my school?
It's not mine.
It's not?
What do you think you're playing? You think this is a game?
You're expelled, Jelani.
You can't expel me for this.
You're expelled.
You're out of my school. I don't want to see you.
You act like I was bringing a gun into school, trying to shoot people.
Shootings happen in the parking lot just the same as they happen in here.
There's no bullets in there!
You're expelled.
You can call your parents on the phone in the main office.
You can't expel me for... I'm one of the best students you got.
No. You're not.
You tell 'em to pick you up by the front gate.

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