American Gun (2005): Working in a Gun Shop Part 2


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The clip working in a gun shop Part 2 from American Gun (2005)

And it's just the same as his. Sure it's not your eyes?
I don't know what he could have done with this.
Some people switch the scope out.
That could have been it.
Or loosened the trigger.
Anyway, I took the liberty of ordering you a new scope.
You ordered a scope?
Yeah. If you like it, fine.
If you don't like it, I'm sure I'll be able to sell it to somebody else
or it'll just come out of my own pocket.
Maryanne? There's a scope box out there on the cabinet
with Mr. Stewart's name on it.
Would you bring it in to me, please?
Carl, that's not... your granddaughter?
She's out here now?
God, I haven't seen her in, wow... not since...
She was knee high to a grasshopper?
Yeah, she's been here, oh, nigh-on three months now.
She's Lindy's daughter?
She's not making the best of things out here.
Well, it's a big change, you know.
You can't blame yourself if she doesn't like it.
Well, she sure doesn't like it. She drags herself in here like...
I don't think she's got the personality to make friends.
That's the problem. That's a big problem.
Now that she's back at UVA she should do okay.
They'll loosen her up. What do you think?
Maryanne, you find it okay?

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