Winchester '73 (1950): Arriving at the Jameson House


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The clip Arriving at the Jameson house from Winchester '73 (1950) with James Stewart

I wanna tell you something! I was with you at Bull Run!
So was High-Spade! Only we was on the other side!
Good luck, Sarge! Good-bye, boys!
See you again!
So long, Sergeant!
Before you go, this is yours! Oh, yeah!
The last one's still there!
Well, so it is!
May I have it?
You just never know when a girl might need a bullet!
Sure, if you want it!
I want it!
Hey, Sarge!
Look at this! Look what I found on this one!
Oh, he was their chief! I saw that Lin fella drop him!
Real pretty shot!
Well, now!
"Dodge City Rifle Shoot Won By-"
It don't say who won it! Do I get it?
No, some officer would take it away from you at Fort Bascom!
It's too good for an officer! No, it rightfully belongs to- Hey, Lin!
Steve, I hope you won't think this is second best,
but one of you fellas oughta have this!
That's a real fine gun!
Take it with the thanks of the U!S! Cavalry to protect your lady!

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