Winchester '73 (1950): Waco Shows Up


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The clip Waco shows up from Winchester '73 (1950)

This is theJameson place? That's right!
That garden you were talking about
we could plant it over there!
Maybe you wouldn't want a garden! Would you?
I don't know!
Maybe you don't want to go in!
I'll go in!
Sort of nice, isn't it?
You'll like it after it rains!
Gets green, and there's water in the run!
Oh, hello, Mr! Miller! You got back real soon!
Yeah, I did! This is Miss Manners, the lady I was telling you about!
Oh, how do you do? Come in, won't you? Hello!
Jimmy- that's my husband- he's in town!
Sit down! I'll fix you a bite to eat!
Oh, uh, we don't want to cause you any trouble!
Oh, no trouble! None for me! I have to go into town!
But if Miss Manners could stay-
You're not going anywhere till I fix you some supper! Now, sit down!
Hello! Hello! Hello!
What's your name? Bonnie!
And what's yours? Gary!
Cute kids! They sort of go with the place!
Sort of! As soon as we get married, you'll be wanting kids!
They got plenty of room for it here!
Bonnie, Gary, come on up here! Don't bother the folks!
Oh, they're no bother at all! Come on! Gary!
Steve, why do you have to go into town? I've got to meet a fella!

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