Winchester '73 (1950): Dutch Henry's True Identity


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The clip Dutch Henry's true identity from Winchester '73 (1950) with Millard Mitchell, Shelley Winters

The stage is due at 3:00, and it's always on time!
Oh, looks like you're full up! Yeah!
Looks like!
Isn't that- Isn't that, uh-
Well, hello again!
Well, hello, nice people!
What are you doing in Tascosa?
Well, let's put it the other way around! What are you doing here?
Oh, playing the piano! I never woulda guessed it if you hadn't told me!
Where's that Steve boy? Drinking whiskey?
He's dead!
Sudden, wasn't it?
He was killed by that gentleman standing at the bar!
The one who's looking at us.
Don't seem right for people to go around killing nice folks like that!

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