Winchester '73 (1950): Lin Kills Waco


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The clip Lin kills Waco from Winchester '73 (1950)

the four guards ride on to the livery stable.
You stand at the bar, and you'll see the stage when it pulls in!
At the piano! Lola's gonna play for me!
Aren't ya, honey?
I know! Take a walk! What else do you know?
So I'm in the saloon! What happens then?
The stage pulls in, they take the gold into the bank!
I go with 'em!
You go into the bank and make your play,
and if there's any trouble-
I cover you from the saloon, hmm?
That's right!
Get started as quick as you can.
Come on.
Did you help yourself to that too?
It was given to me! by your friend in the picture!
Do you know him? I know him!
Then we've got something in common!
He's been trying to give me one of those for a long time!
You're a strange person!
Am I?
First you kill a man to get that gun!
Then you just give it away!
Oh, I'll get it back from old debts!
The same way I got it from old Steve!

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