Winchester '73 (1950): Fighting the Indians


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The clip Fighting the indians from Winchester '73 (1950)

Where is she?
Home with the kids!
Got one bigger than you are!
Go to sleep!
Hey, Mossman, you awake?
Yeah, I'm awake!
Pretty, isn't she?
I don't like yellow hair much!
My wife has brown hair with red in it!
I hope the kid has brown hair with red in it!
You see, this'll be my very first own home!
Not that I didn't have a nice home, but this'll be my very own!
You know? I know!
Did you have a home like that?
Sort of!
With your wife?
No, I haven't got a wife!
No, it was with my father!
Is that where you're going now, to your home?
No! My father was killed!
They're pretty, aren't they?
Sometimes they sing all night.
I know what they are!
Maybe you'd better try and get some sleep, huh?
I can't sleep!
Can you? Yeah!
I mean, if I tried, I could!
Aren't you afraid of tomorrow?
Would it do any good for me to lie to you? No.
I'm afraid!
I guess everybody gets afraid sometimes!
Yeah, I guess so!

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