Winchester '73 (1950): Lamont's Dead


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The clip Lamont's dead from Winchester '73 (1950) with Rock Hudson

What's the matter? Trouble between the tribes?
We will look at the guns!
They are old, worn out!
They are not the guns of which we spoke!
I'll admit they're not Winchesters,
but everyone's a repeater, and they'll all shoot true!
You lie!
If you were a white man, I wouldn't take that!
But you're an Injun, so- Yes, I am an Indian!
So it is wise to listen in silence while you wait to cheat me!
All white men are thieves!
In peace, they steal our land!
In war, they kill our women!
And you are a white man!
If you want my gold,
bring me the guns with which Crazy Horse and the Sioux of the north!
made their war at the Little Big Horn!
Then you know about Custer, huh?

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