Winchester '73 (1950): Playing Poker


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The clip Playing poker from Winchester '73 (1950) with Stephen McNally, John McIntire

What happened at Little Big Horn?
Haven't you heard? Sioux jumped Custer!
Wiped out his whole command!
Yes, sir, gettin' to be mighty tough country to travel!
without a gun!
So I see!
Now, that gun there,
I'd be willing to give you 300 in gold!
and let you take your pick of six-guns and repeaters!
Might even throw in 50 rounds of shells!
Move your king over and get 'em all up!
I'm not tradin'!
You're about ready to fall outta that saddle!
Why don't we rest up for a little?
I'm not that tired!
Four or five hours ain't gonna make any difference!
We've been chasin' him since
since I can't remember!
That's right! We've never been this close before!
It might just be that Young Bull's man won't show up!
Might be!
You'll be stuck with those guns! Yeah!
After that meal, I'm down to $80!
That's still enough to play poker with if you fellas want cards!

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