Winchester '73 (1950): Strangers in Town


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The clip Strangers in town from Winchester '73 (1950)

Stayin' overnight, mister? Maybe!
We'll board your horses! Two bits in the corral with grain feedin'!
Four bits to stall 'em!
Real clean stall? Yes, sir! You can look for yourself!
You look like an honest man!
Here! I'll take your word for it, mister!
I don't care! Let go! Let go!
You've got no right to treat me this way!
I'm not doing anything now that I haven't been doing for the last six months!
Just till over the Fourth!
Why don't you pick on the gunslingers...
and the tinhorn gamblers instead of a girl tryin'to make an honest dollar?
What about Steve? You know I'm expecting him any minute!
If he comes to town and finds I'm gone, he's liable never to catch up with me!
Come on! Oh, no!
Is there something I can do for you, ma'am?
Stranger in town?
That's right! But I was talkin' to the lady!
Yeah! Well, don't fret about it, Lola!
If Steve comes along, I'll send him on after you!
Thanks, anyway!
Get up! Hyah!
Lola's all right! It's just that some folks in town!
think the dance hall girls might give the place a bad name over the holiday!

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