Chrystal (2004): Showdown Part 2


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The clip showdown Part 2 from Chrystal (2004)

All right!
Hey, let's take a break.
What you guys gonna do with these recordings?
It's research for a book I'm doing
On the history of american folk music.
It's gonna be a big book, kalid.
It'll be a broad overview.
It's really about societal interaction
With music on a community level.
If music keeps people from watching television all the time,
That can't be bad.
I'll bet chrystal will finish up the night for us if we ask her.
Do you play something?
She sings.
That was a long time ago, pa da.
I don't want to put you on the spot, honey.
But I'll bet your grandma caulie
Would smile down from heaven if she heard you sing.
How about "rocking chair?"
All right. It's in the key of a, right?
I reckon.
Some ol' rounder come along
Took my sugar baby and gone

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