Chrystal (2004): Showdown


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The clip showdown from Chrystal (2004)

Let's go, motherfucker.
Okay, man?
Come on, buddy. Come on.
The reason I figured that gal over there is your sister
Is 'cause she's too young to be your mama.
I know that's handy.
You don't have to leave home for a date.
Oh, man.
That was funny, wasn't it?
Joe kicked him!
Okay, man. All right.
You don't know, right? Which way am I going, babe?
Which way am i-
Your pecker, for instance.
The reason it's so small?
It's cause your mama's your daddy's sister.
Which I guess'd make you his son and his nephew, wouldn't it?
You call him uncle-Daddy?
Is that what you call him?
You call him uncle-Daddy?
Joe's a bad ass, ain't he?
Yeah. When he gets mad, he is.

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