Chrystal (2004): a Talk with Mom Part 2


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The clip a talk with mom Part 2 from Chrystal (2004)

you miserable little fairy,
You ruined my daughter's life!
Words just flew right out of my mouth.
I got plum tickled at myself.
He cleaned up the yard and he got a job.
We'll see how long that lasts.
Oh, my goodness.
Honey, check and make sure grand-Daddy's window is cracked.
It is.
He's been running off some.
What? Papaw? Where?
Well, gilda hansen told me she found him in her back yard,
Wearing a dress he took off her clothes line.
How'd he look?
It would kill him if he knew some of the things he was doing.
Is it bad today, honey?
Yeah. I gotta go sit down.
Twenty years you've been sitting with this pain.

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