A Beautiful Mind (2001): Drinking on the Roof


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The clip drinking on the roof from A Beautiful Mind (2001) with Paul Bettany, Russell Crowe

So what's your story?
You the poor kid that never got to go to Exeter or Andover?
Despite my privileged upbringing, I'm well-balanced.
I have a chip on both shoulders.
Maybe you're just better with the old integers than you are with people.
My first grade teacher said I was born with two helpings of brain...
...but only half a helping of heart.
Wow! She sounds lovely!
The truth is that I...
I don't like people much.
And they don't much like me.
But why, with all your obvious wit and charm?
Seriously, John.
Mathematics is never going to lead you to a higher truth.
And you know why?
Because it's boring. It's really boring.
You know, half these schoolboys are already published?
I cannot waste time with these classes and...
...these books.
Memorizing the weaker assumptions of lesser mortals!
I need to look through...
...to the governing dynamics.
Find a truly original idea.
That's the only way I'll ever distinguish myself.
It's the only way that I'll ever-
All right, who's next? I've played enough go for today.

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