A Beautiful Mind (2001): First Breakdown


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The clip first breakdown from A Beautiful Mind (2001) with Russell Crowe, Paul Bettany

I can't see it.
Jesus Christ, John.
I can't fail.
This is all I am. Come on, let's go out.
I have to get something done.
I can't keep staring into space.
John, enough!
Got to face the wall, follow their rules, read their books...
...do their classes.
Come on! Go on, bust your head! Kill yourself.
Don't do it. Don't mess around.
Bust your head! Go on, bust that worthless head wide open.
Goddamn it, Charles! What the hell is your problem?
It's not my problem.
And it's not your problem.
It's their problem.
Your answer isn't, "face the wall. "
It's out there...
...where you've been working.
That was heavy.
That Isaac Newton fellow was right.
He was onto something.
Clever boy.
Don't worry, that's mine. I'll come and get it in a minute.
Oh, God.

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