H (2002): Chasing Youngtaek Heo


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The clip Chasing Youngtaek Heo from H (2002)

That's correct. These two... The mother got a medical examination at our hospital.
They both seem like they're unmarried mothers but...
Well it seems like it's better for both sides not to ask about things like that,
so I didn't ask.
A person by the name of Youngtaek Heo... A month ago there was one who quit...
Why did he quit?
He secretly hoarded the hospital's equipment.
Well... There were things like surgical knives, right!
It seems that person has a criminal record.
A criminal record?
February, 28th
What are you doing! Why aren't you coming in?
I'm going in! Since you're taking full responsibility...
Miyun's not just a common person.
At that age she's at a higher rank than me.
When she was an inspector she was awesome.
But if you get to know her better, there's no one as pitiful as her.
Because she came to us after Detective Han committed suicide...
Do they have anything to do with each other?
They were engaged.
Because of that Shin Hyun, Jung Woo was in a state of shock!
When he was at a lost I should have helped him.
Indeed he catches with his own hands and then lets them go.
That's reasonable since he killed six and then confessed to you.

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