H (2002): The Case Ends


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The clip The Case Ends from H (2002)

April 14th
Another person moving through me...
I could control it at first, but now, I can't.
Repeated murder...
I am getting more and more afraid of that existence.
What can I choose to do now that I can no longer control him?
Dr. Chu's patient, Youngjin Choi had a split personality
and believed that he himself was Shin Hyun.
Youngjin who was indulged in diabolism
worshiped Shin Hyun frantically,
so raised his another self, Shin Hyun.
But he seems to have been very afraid of serial murders even though he considered Shin Hyun,
who was inside him, was his salvation.
So he committed suicide...
but why change the object of his murder?
I think he was confused.
It is speculated that this was a mistake caused by the battle with the uncontrollable self.
What about Shin Hyun's maneuvering?
That point will be made clear when the psychiatric test of Youngtaek Heo is completed.
Including the one in Techno-bar, in three cases,
the bully is considered to be Youngjin Choi,
according to the investigation team.
Okay, then, arrange for a press conference!!

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