The Car (1977): Margie Summoning Help


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The clip Margie summoning help from The Car (1977)

Hello, somebody, hello?
Yes, who is this? This is Margie Johnson.
The car has the kids and the band and all of us trapped...
in the old cemetery out by the race track.
Please, for Goïs sake, get out here before it kills someone.
Donna, this is Wade. I've heard and I'm on my way back.
I want everybody out to the cemetery, fast.
Donna, who's at the station? And where the hell is Luke?
There's nobody here. Everybody took off when they heard Margie.
Okay, you guys on roadblocks, hold your stations in case he slips through.
This is our chance. Don't blow it.
Okay, we all know that you know how to rev your little engine.
All right!
Lauren was terrific.
Take the kids to my house and stay there. I gotta get to the station.

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