The Car (1977): Wade Runs the Police Station


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The clip Wade runs the police station from The Car (1977)

But we'll keep everything going.
Roadblocks and so forth, until I tell you otherwise.
Don't let down, anybody.
I wanna thank you all.
Two door or four door?
I wanna thank you all for hanging in there.
What can I tell you? Go to it.
That's good.
All right. Thanks very much.
You okay?
Yeah, I'm fine.
Wade, Daigler County reports a black vehicle...
two-door, unidentified make. Sounded like open pipes.
Last seen going north at 8:00 a. m. On Interstate 12.
They wanna know, does that sound like our car?
Could be.
Tell them thanks and good luck.
Thank you. Yes, Sheriff Parent says it sounds like it.
Thank you and good luck.
Hello, Mackey.
Good morning.
Miss McDonald, the principal called...
and she wants to know about the parade rehearsal this morning.
Can she go ahead?
Tell her we think so. But see if she can put it off until this afternoon.
I'd sure feel better about that.
Tattleman, I wanna put you on that parade.
Call Miss McDonald and check what time she wants to schedule it.
Not before 3:30 or 4:00.
Wade, we're on our way over to claim Everet's body at the hospital...
but he has no next of kin, so we thought perhaps...
I can do it.
Right here.
I had nobody else to ask, you know, about the funeral arrangements.
Give us a couple of days.
He was a...
He was a Methodist.
That's right.

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