The Car (1977): Wade Does Not Know What to Do


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The clip Wade does not know what to do from The Car (1977)

I'll blow the son of a bitch sky high.
Don't push me, pig face.
Twenty-two gun-toting idiots, and you guys can't bag...
some pretty little jackass out for kicks.
All I want of you...
You let me out of here.
Shut up!
I'll put you two...
All I want from you is to know if it's the same car that killed the hitchhiker.
What did you get from her? Anything?
She says it was a black car.
Well, doesn't she know what kind?
Big and black.
I called Daigler County. They're watching, but no sign of him.
Well, he had to crawl into Daigler County? He had to cross the county line.
There's only one road out of here. There's no other way.
I told them.
Okay, what happened?
He swerved around Clements and then hit Ev.
What did she say?
She's an old woman. Indian talk, it doesn't matter.
What did she say, Chas?
Moccasin telegraph says bad things are coming with the wind.
Her family's going deeper into back country tomorrow.
What do you think?
About what?
Well, what do you want to do?

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