Monster-in-Law (2005): Watching Television


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The clip Watching Television from Monster-in-Law (2005)

Why is she running?
Well, someone's chasing her.
Why is he chasing her?
I'm not sure.
Well, who is he?
I don't know. We have to watch.
You have to stop talking.
Don't you hate what she's wearing?
Running out there with bare feet and, what is that,
a pajama top? It's so unrealistic.
I once did a whole segment on nighttime television.
You would not believe...
how much the demographics influence the networks.
I mean it's just ridiculous. All they care about is the bottom line.
Oh, it's so nice just to sit with family and do nothing, huh?
Don't even need to talk. It's wonderful.
I miss so much being a working mom.
I used to bring Kevin, though, to the set.
That's where he met Gore Vidal and Jackie Chan.
Is there anybody famous in this movie?
Because I don't know any of them.
And they all look the same... all the girls...
have the same body, all the boys have the same hair. many beautiful people who live in Los Angeles?
I think all the beautiful genes ended up in California.
Why is he kissing her? It's beyond me.

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