Monster-in-Law (2005): Viola's New Project


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The clip Viola's New Project from Monster-in-Law (2005)

You talking about her or you?
Look, there's nothing you can do.
Just let it go.
You know what you need? A project.
Or another husband.
You know, why don't you marry another gay guy?
That was fun.
You know, you're right.
I do need a project.
And I have the perfect one.
I am going to save my son.
You go use those old contacts of yours...
to get all the information you can about that little pimp.
And exactly what do you expect to find?
Everybody's got a past, honey.
Find something.
And I'm going to open up the Montecito house...
and get a party planner.
I'm going to give them an engagement party.
And then what? Lock her in the basement?
When he sees how out of place she is in his world,
it's gonna be over.
This will end badly.
Get me another one of those.

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