Monster-in-Law (2005): Viola Is Worried


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The clip Viola Is Worried from Monster-in-Law (2005) with Wanda Sykes

Hey, do you think your mother liked me?
Of course. Why?
I don't know, because she called me a pregnant lesbian?
I'm sure she meant that as a compliment.
Trust me. She loved you.
Oh, they're gone?
I'll just put this baby back to bed, okay?
My son the brilliant surgeon...
is gonna marry a temp.
Gonna need something stronger than this.
Where's that martini?
Hooch will not solve your problems.
She's going to destroy him.
It is so clear.
She's got no money, no career goals.
She was just waiting for a rich innocent...
to step right in her path.
Oh, Kevin's smarter than that.
Come on, you raised him well.
He's a good boy.
But he's a man. That's the problem.
The only time they think straight is when they have an erection,
and it's usually pointed right at the trampiest woman.
You talking about her or you?

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