Monster-in-Law (2005): Viola is Unsupportive


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The clip Viola is Unsupportive from Monster-in-Law (2005) with Jane Fonda, Jennifer Lopez

Oh, you're telling me.
I had no idea...
that you guys were so serious.
Kevin, you never mentioned anything.
Here's what I want to say.
It's wonderful being in love.
But I don't think marriage is the best solution to a thing like this.
Well, you know nowadays a girl has so many alternatives...
to getting married... there's adoption, abortion,
lesbianism... Hmm?
Whoa, Mom!
What are you talking about?
Well, I mean, it's so sudden
I have to assume there's a pressing reason.
Oh oh, no.
Charlie's not pregnant.
Call me old-fashioned,
marriage is a sacred union...
that should only be entered into with the utmost care.
Weren't you married four times?
Yes, dear.
Which would make me an expert, don't you think?
Excuse me.
It's the hospital. I'll be right back.
You want me to go with you?
No, stay right there.

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