The Sting (1973): Down to Three Players


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The clip Down to three players from The Sting (1973) with Paul Newman, Robert Shaw

I'll bet three.
Call and raise $200.
I'm out.
Aces over.
Three cowboys.
All red, queen high.
Well, that finishes me.
Don't worry about it, pal.
They wouldn't have let you in if you weren't a chump!
Lombard'll be joining you in a few minutes.
I've had enough of this game and quite enough of this company.
Check me out, Clemens.
I guess that just leaves the three of us.
Yes, Mr. Shaw. That just leaves us three.
Mr. Clayton, I think we should take a break for five minutes.
Tempers seem to be running a little high.
Come on, Linneman, I was just starting to do good.
Stack me a cooler.
We'll be in the station in an hour.
The others are the losers. You're still okay.
Fix me a deck. Threes and nines. I'll cut it in on Clayton's deal.
What do you want Clayton to get?
Nothing. I want him out of there early. I'll bust that bastard bookie in one play.
$400 to you, Mr. Jameson. You're even.

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