The Sting (1973): Lonnegan Takes Charge


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The clip Lonnegan takes charge from The Sting (1973) with Robert Redford, Robert Shaw

What do you say, pal?
He's on his way.
Hi, Mutt.
Say, Jeff.
What'd I tell you?
You got lucky once. That's not enough.
Lucky, hell. I can do it every time.
Why don't you then?
It's better to do it all at once.
We're gonna put down $400,000 next week.
At 5-1 odds, that's $2 million.
Twenty percent is yours.
Got a system, Kelly?
No. You can still lose with a system.
You're past-posting, aren't you?
Could be.
You're gonna stay in?
Not until I get some answers.
I got a partner downtown.
He runs the central office of the Western Union.
Race results from all over the country come in...
...and go across his desk to the bookies.
All he does is hold them up until he can call us to get a bet down on the winner.
Then he releases the results to the bookies.
We clean up on a race that's already been run. You can't miss.
Unless the Western Union dicks get ahold of it.
You got the $400,000 yet?
No, not yet, but...
There's only $1,000 here.
Make another bet tomorrow.
Where's my money?
I got $16,000 coming.
You owe me $15,000 already.

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