The Sting (1973): The Fake Betting House Part 2


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The clip The fake betting house Part 2 from The Sting (1973) with Ray Walston, Robert Shaw

Bubblesome is 10, Beefsteak, 7...
...Vote Boy, 6, Kerry Patch, 12.
Blue Note is 7-1.
This is your last call for the third race at Lincoln Fields.
They're going to the post.
You may still wager if you hurry.
There he goes.
At Detroit, the winner, Speed Queen, paid $7.20...
...$4.60 and $3.40.
Lady Scout, $7 and $4.20.
Miss Petrina paid $4.
Last flash at Narragansett. Lady Higloss, 6-5.
I'd think you'd get tired of losing, Harrigan.
Thank you, Mr. Williams.
Blue Note, $2,000 to win fourth race, Narragansett.
Make sure you see the cash, Eddie.
He's got a name for betting money he doesn't have.
Ladies and gentlemen, this is Arnold Rowe, your caller for the fourth race.
The mile and one-sixteenth handicap at Narragansett Park, Rhode Island.
$13,000 added for 3-year-olds and up.
The flag is up, and they're off and running.
It's Bubblesome going to the front, followed by Lady Higloss...
...Vote Boy, Chancing, Beefsteak, Kerry Patch...
...and Blue Note trails the field.
Around the clubhouse turn, it's Bubblesome ahead...
...Chancing a half, Lady Higloss by one...
...followed by Vote Boy, Beefsteak, Kerry Patch and Blue Note.
Into the second turn, it's Chancing by a length.
Lady Higloss driving on the rail and Vote Boy.
Then Bubblesome, Beefsteak, Kerry Patch and Blue Note.
Come on, Chancing!
Lady Higloss a half, Vote Boy by one.
Lady Higloss is a hell of a finisher. Chancing's gonna have to open up.
Know anything about a horse named Blue Note?
He never done much. Probably in there just to round out the field.
Chancing's where you want to have your money.

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