The Sting (1973): Renting a Place


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The clip renting a place from The Sting (1973) with Harold Gould, Avon Long

Fella named Stenner had this place until about six months ago...
...but he had to give it up.
It doesn't look so good, but maybe you can fix it up a little bit.
Watch your step when you come in. There's a dip down to the left.
How does it look, Eddie?
It looks all right, Kid.
It's big enough, and it's off the street.
I don't know.
It's kind of short notice. I'm not sure we can get it done by Saturday.
Got to. Gondorff's riding the mark down from New York on the Century.
We'll take it. Do you manage that building at the end of the alley?
For 15 years.
I'll need a corner room facing this way.
How much a week?
Only rents by the month.
$250 for the two of them.
Last time I expect to see you down here.
Never heard of the place.
It's been a while since I stocked the wire store.
Not many mobs playing that anymore.
All we'll need is the bookie setup for now.
I'll rent you everything I got in the warehouse for $2,000.
That'll give you phones, cages, blackboards and ticker gear.
If you want a counter and bar, that's another $1,000.
That's pretty steep, Benny.
Gondorff's still a hot item.
Where would I be if he gets hit?
Just give us what you can.
We'll send a truck.
How do you want to work this? Flat rate or percentage?
Who's the mark?
Doyle Lonnegan.
Flat rate.

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