The Sting (1973): Twist Looks for Men Part 2


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The clip twist looks for men Part 2 from The Sting (1973) with Charles Durning, Harold Gould

If you see him... tell him he better pay up before I get to him.
That son of a bitch.
Thanks, Lace.
Let's see what we got here.
Horse Face Lee, Slim Miller...
...Suitcase Murphy and the Big Alabama are in from New Orleans.
Crying Jonesy and the Boone Kid from Denver.
Dippy Burke and Limehouse Chappie from New York.
These and the guys outside should give you 30 or more to choose from.
Good, Dukey.
Have them down at Stenner's old pool hall before 6:00.
We'll run the route tonight.
Okay, Twist, but...
...if this thing blows up, remember, I can't do you no good downtown.
Gondorff is federal.
Dukey, if this thing blows up...
...the feds will be the least of our problems.

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