The Sting (1973): Calling Luther


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The clip Calling Luther from The Sting (1973) with Robert Redford

I thought you blew all your money.
I did.
I gave him counterfeit. They'll spot it the first place he tries to spend it.
Are you crazy, giving him counterfeit money?
Wait up! Where you going?
What the hell are you gonna do if Snyder puts the finger on you?
You're committing suicide, kid.
What's the difference?
If Snyder knows, so does everybody else. He never gets anything first.
Hey, listen to me. Don't go back to your place tonight.
Don't go anyplace you usually go. You hear me?
Damn! There's no answer at Luther's.
Look, you better get out of town or something.
Lady, let go!
Ma'am! Ma'am!
I want my nickel back for that telephone!

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