The Sting (1973): the FBI Arrive


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The clip the FBI arrive from The Sting (1973) with Robert Shaw, Paul Newman

All right, FBI! Don't anybody try to leave.
Stand on your feet, put your hands over your head and move nice and slow.
Get them up against the wall. Make sure they're not carrying anything.
Hello, Henry. It's been a long time.
But it's over.
Okay, kid, you can go.
All right, I said hands up. Keep them up!
Come on. Move them back! Put them up!
Get him out. Get him out!
Come on! Got to get you out of here!
Come on!
But my money's in there!
There's some dead guys too. You can't get mixed up.
You don't understand. There's $500,000 in there!
He's gone.
Okay, Henry, all clear.
Can you believe it? We pulled it off.
It's a nice con, Hickey. I thought you were the feds myself when you came in.

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